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I am a creative by way of the ultimate creator, therefore my work is not merely a showcase of me playing “Dress-up'' with a model. what I truly desire is for my work to be a visual microphone that projects God’s truth, and real experiences from real people, I have a responsibility with my talent and craft to use it to heal, uplift and rebuild one person at a time.

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God first gave me the idea to create a resource that would serve men and women all over the world, but the idea wouldn’t start until 2015. My story is still being told...


Emilie is a stylist, mother and an influencer with about 15 years of experience in women’s luxury and contemporary fashion retail, Emilie applies her background, keen attention to detail, and creative edge to her current work. She works with modern boss men and women to empower, level up, and curate their personal image.


For as long as I can remember....


Clothing has been an exciting and fulfilling way to express my creativity to the world. more than that, the “perfect'' outfit instill in me a sense of joy, confidence, and enthusiasm for my day.


I don’t leave the house without it.


Since moving to Atlanta in 2005 I have styled for various film and television productions, and now work with men and women who are serious and excited about reworking and upgrading their mindsets. their personal style, and everything in between so that every aspect of the life they live, their thoughts, feeling, and actions reflect their inner self. their unlimited self-worth, and everything they desire to be, have and experience.


I learned early on in the importance of bending and twisting trends so that they authentically express who I am and I wholeheartedly believe in that process for you. I want you to truly understand who you are, what your next level look feels like, and the message that you’re ready to communicate with your wardrobe, and your powerful presence.


My mission is to empower you, and encourage you through the process of embracing your magic, curating your unique and confident personal style.

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